Hello, and thanks for popping by!
My name is Anna Winterstein. I'm a Russian-born, French-raised and London-based writer and photographer.
I currently apply these skills to the making of a video game, and to portraiture.

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My writing

Writing is my oldest love. I used to study literature, then journalism. After telling many corporate stories, I have decided to take the plunge and work on my main interest: fiction, and video game writing in particular. If you are interested in seeing samples of my work, please visit
My writing samples page

If you don't have the password, drop me a line and I'll send it to you!

You can also find old examples of my writing on:

The Smarter Time blog
My old journalism Tumblr

Or head to Twitter for random tidbits (link below!)

My visual work

I started taking pictures over ten years ago, first of anything, then mostly of my travels. Three years ago, I discovered studio and portrait work, and fell in love with it.
I also spend time working on design and illustration, and when possible a mix of the two, as applied to infographics or branding.
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My photography portfolio
My Instagram
My Facebook page

My tech start-up

Together with two friends, we founded Smarter Time, a time-tracking AI for Android and iOS. I was in charge of all things design, communication and marketing. The app is still being supported, although we've moved on to new projects.

Google +

My politics

I'm one of a group of people who are trying to kickstart Génération·s, a new French left-wing political movement, based on pro-european, ecologically-minded and humanist policies. Find out more on

The Génération·s movement
The UK section